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Iverk Produce South Junior A Hurling Championship [Round 3]

Tuesday, 24 July 2012 at 7PM

Barrie HendriquesThomastown 2-12, Carrickshock 1-10

This was an enjoyable encounter in which both sides showed considerable enthusiasm, solid determination, and not too little skill. Thomastown won because they had some sterling defenders, and a more direct, and forceful number of attackers.

Played in the excellent Grennan complex, the home side stole an early march on their rivals in the 12th minute when a very determined gallop from forty metres out, the powerful Michael Mahoney drove towards the ‘Shock goal. From a narrow angle, he hand-passed the sliothar to Garry Lehane

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South Junior B League [Round 1] 2012 Carrickshock 5-18, Carrigeen 0-9

Saturday, 26 May 2012 at 10AM

Carrickshock 5-18, Carrigeen 0-9

Barrie HenriquesMinnows Carrigeen have had better days in the office than they enjoyed in Hugginstown on Friday evening last, but still they gave of their best, and even if they came up short, it was not because they lacked interest,

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South Junior B League [Round 3] 2012 Carrickshock 3-13, Mooncoin 2-11

Friday, 25 May 2012 at 11AM

Carrickshock 3-13, Mooncoin 2-11

Barrie HenriquesIt was a grand double for the ‘Shock men in their own patch on Sunday, having accounted for the challenge of the Glenmore soldiers in the Roinn B game some sixty minutes previously.

As in the previous game against Glenmore, this brand of Carrickshock hurling carried too much ammunition for a determined Mooncoin, who found themselves well out of their depth by the halfway mark.

Eamon Power

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South Junior A League [Round 2] 2012 Carrickshock 2-19, Glenmore 0-11

Friday, 25 May 2012 at 11AM

Carrickshock 2-19, Glenmore 0-11

Barrie HenriquesWhilst the result of this South League (Roinn A) game was seldom in doubt, nevertheless, the losers never relinquished their courage, or resolve, as they chased what would have appeared from a long way out, a lost cause. But the Glenmore lads were oblivious to that sonata, as they fought the good fight to the end. They had a pretty young team which didn’t help their cause, but it would have to be conceived that the better team won, probably as easily as the score would suggest.

The winners were far more concentrated and direct in their ambitions and the execution of their business.

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South Junior A League [Round 5] 2012 Carrickshock 0-22, Tullogher Rosbercon 1-9

Friday, 25 May 2012 at 10AM

Carrickshock 0-22, Tullogher Rosbercon 1-9

Barrie HenriquesIt wasn’t the greatest game you could see, but there has to be something to admire in the work-rate and skill of a team that clatters twenty-two points between an opponent’s posts----- and there was plenty.

Instance the free-taking of John Power. Instance the very positive running, and scoring abilities of Johnny Butler. Instance the dexterity of Gerry Mulcahy who seems to be in all kinds of trouble in possession of the ball, but who can extricate himself with some deft movement to slice balls over the bar with great unorthodoxy.

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