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Country Style Foods South Junior B Hurling Championship [Round 4]

Tuesday, 24 July 2012 at 7PM

Barrie HendriquesWindgap 2-12, Mooncoin 1-12

It is oft times said that what is rare is beautiful, and wins up Windgap way are not as plentiful as they would like. But when they come down the track, they embrace them. They have won a few titles up there, so winning is not a stranger either to them. They continue to box above their weight, and they do as much as your premier club relatively speaking. Their labourers are little in numbers but bursting in size.

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Junior Hurling Championship Round 4

Tuesday, 24 July 2012 at 6PM

Junior  Hurling Championship Round 4

Mooncoin 3-22, Dunnamaggin 1-9

Barrie HendriquesThis County junior League Championship game on Thursday evening last in Mooncoin was a bit of a damp squib for the few hardy patrons present, as the home side totally demoralised Dunnamaggin, as they ran out rather facile winners. While Mooncoin troubled the score-keeper with increasing regularity, Dunnamaggin had a plethora of time gaps where no encumbrance was placed on the shoulders of either the same score-keeper, or the referee to make any significant alterations to their respective documentation

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South Junior B League [Round 3] 2012 Carrickshock 3-13, Mooncoin 2-11

Friday, 25 May 2012 at 11AM

Carrickshock 3-13, Mooncoin 2-11

Barrie HenriquesIt was a grand double for the ‘Shock men in their own patch on Sunday, having accounted for the challenge of the Glenmore soldiers in the Roinn B game some sixty minutes previously.

As in the previous game against Glenmore, this brand of Carrickshock hurling carried too much ammunition for a determined Mooncoin, who found themselves well out of their depth by the halfway mark.

Eamon Power

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Junior Hurling League [Round 1] 2012Erins Own 2-14, Mooncoin 2-12.

Friday, 25 May 2012 at 8AM

Erins Own 2-14, Mooncoin 2-12.

Barrie HenriquesThis Junior League clash in Canon Kearns Park on Friday evening was interesting, competitive, and entertaining. There were some classic performances given, not least of which was a tremendous display of effortless

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South Junior B League [Round 2] 2012 Rower Inistioge 2-18, Mooncoin 5-6

Thursday, 24 May 2012 at 4PM

Rower Inistioge 2-18, Mooncoin 5-6

Barrie HenriquesYou score five goals in a Junior League game, and you would be well entitled to think that you would be baggin’ the points. However you score eighteen points in the same game, stitch a couple of goals to it, and you would be sure that you would get over the line in front. And that is how it panned out in Mooncoin on Saturday evening when the locals grabbed goals for sport, and didn’t get into the winners enclosure, while the visitors kept on slipping the ball over the Mooncoin bar, stuck on a brace of goals when the opportunity arose, and ‘twas they who took the League points, for the simple reason that they were better at doing the ordinary things well.

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