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Junior Hurling Championship Round 4

Tuesday, 24 July 2012 at 6PM

Junior  Hurling Championship Round 4

Mooncoin 3-22, Dunnamaggin 1-9

Barrie HendriquesThis County junior League Championship game on Thursday evening last in Mooncoin was a bit of a damp squib for the few hardy patrons present, as the home side totally demoralised Dunnamaggin, as they ran out rather facile winners. While Mooncoin troubled the score-keeper with increasing regularity, Dunnamaggin had a plethora of time gaps where no encumbrance was placed on the shoulders of either the same score-keeper, or the referee to make any significant alterations to their respective documentation. Dunnamaggin recorded their first score after six minutes; their next seven minutes later, and so on. In fact they went through the first twenty minutes of the new half without recording a score.

They never stopped trying, but the vice like grip exerted on their forwards, and midfielders by the Mooncoin eight made score getting a big call, a tough assignment.

Patrick Kinsella kept a very keen look-out on proceedings as he marshalled his troops from his goalmouth. In front of him, Alan Henebery was soundness personified, and his corner men, Niall Madden and Eoin Crowley scarcely put a foot wrong. The halfback line of Tom Healy, Dick Henebery and Dick Mackey fought a winning battle, even though faced by the vaunted Dunnamaggin half line of attackers, Conor Long, and John O’Neill who flanked Noel Lahert.  

At midfield, Mooncoin dominated with Ethan Ryan unerring from placed balls from all distances, and Davy O’Brien weighing in with thrtee smashing points.

It really was up front where the winners excelled. Their full forward, Liam “Bull” Walsh drilled 2-3 beyond the despairing clutches of Adam Kenneally in the Dunnamaggin goal. JP. Purcell bagged five opportunistic points, while Johnny Phelan, Cormac Fleming, Jamie McGrath, and Davy O’Brien decorated the scoreboard with grand points.

Dunnamaggin tried all they could. In a move to underpin their failing attack, they moved full back, Brendan Moore upfield. He delivered two good points, but they needed a few more Brendan Moore’s to match this rampant Mooncoin outfit. Andrew Hickey and young Paul Kirwan put in a very decent shift on the half back line, and even though Noel Lahert, Anthony Kearney, Mick O’Neill, and Donal O’Shea tried hard all through, their best fell a little short of what was required to address the challenge of a Mooncoin outfit that has an attractive future.

Mooncoin had a plethora of points on the board by the 17th minute – nine in all. Dunnamaggin’s reply was a fortuitous goal by Donal O’Shea in the 5th minute. Their first goal came from the ingenuity of Liam Walsh in the 22nd minute, and by half time their take was an impressive 1-14. Dunnamaggin were only six points adrift with 1-7 on the board.

It was all Mooncoin in the second half. Dunnamaggin added a mere two points to their total, while the winners exploded with a further 2-6. Substitute Richie Doyle grabbed a late goal, and Liam Walsh got the third, his second just before the end.



Mooncoin: Liam Walsh (2-3); J.P. Purcell (0-6); Ethan Ryan (0-4, frees); Davy O’Brien (0-3); Richie Doyle (1-0); Johnny Phelan, Mark Fitzgerald (0-2 each); Jamie McGrath, Cormac Fleming (0-1 each).


Dunnamaggin: Richard O’Shea (0-4, three frees, one ’65); Donal O’Shea (1-0); Brendan Moore, Conor Long (0-2 each); Paddy Delaney (0-1, free).


Mooncoin: Patrick Kinsella, Niall Madden, Alan Henebery, Eoin Crowley, Tom Healy, Dick Mackey, Liam Henebery, Mark Fitzgerald, Ethan Ryan, Davy O’Brien, Jamie McGrath, Cormac Fleming, Johnny Phelan, Liam Walsh, J.P. Purcell.

Subs (used): Richie Doyle, Shane Walsh (B), Shane Walsh (P), Conor Brophy.


Dunnamaggin: Adam Kenneally, Andrew Fitzpatrick, Brendan Moore, Andrew O’Neill, Richie O’Shea, Andrew Hickey, Paul Kirwan, Michael O’Neill, Paddy Delaney, Conor Long, Noel Lahert, John O’Neill, Ray Cody, Anthony Kearney, Donal O’Shea.

Subs (used): James Keogh.    

Ref: Jim Fitzgerald (Piltown)

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