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Junior Hurling League [Round 1] 2012 Cloneen 0-10, Windgap 0-9

Thursday, 24 May 2012 at 3PM

Cloneen 0-10, Windgap 0-9

Barrie HenriquesIf the weather was stormy down in the lowlands, it was of near hurricane status on the hills of Windgap as the home side faced a Cloneen side that were not to familiar with a Championship winning enclosure for quite a while. But they were a satisfied bunch returning to their North Kilkenny home, having plundered a fine win, in conditions that would not be too familiar, against a hard-trying Windgap.

Never has the wind been as ferociously vindictive as it was in Windgap on Sunday, as it practically uprooted the solid scoreboard, and practically blew most other movable objects into oblivion.

With the storm directly behind them, it took the home side longer to settle than they intended. Tommy Lonergan got their opening score after six minutes, but they had shot a few bad wides before that. Brian Cahill grabbed Cloneen’s first score after eleven minutes.

Both sides were finding it dreadfully difficult to handle the conditions. Too many of the deliveries from the Windgap defence failed to reach their target, and too many of them went ridiculously wide.

At half time, Windgap led by 0-7 to Cloneen’s 0-3.

Cloneen were the happier of the two outfits.

However, it didn’t pan out as comfortably for the Cloneen lads as they envisaged. It took them a long time to haul in the Windgap lead, and it was only in the last few minutes that they could say that they felt comfortable. In fact a free in the dying moments, with Cloneen ahead by two points might have been hammered home by Niall Doran if hi intentions to drive for goal had been realised.

They were not, and the Cloneen lads celebrated a grand win.

Best for Cloneen were Brian Cahill and Dean Shortall who dominated centre field. Ronan Walsh led the forward line with great courage, while he got fine assistance from M.J. Feehan, and Graham Lalor.

Peter Landy defended well for Windgap, while Tommy Fleming could be satisfied with his contribution at midfield. William Phelan, Tommy Lonergan and Niall Doran were the pick of a very moderate forward division.


Cloneen: Graham Lalor (0-5, three frees); Ronan Walsh, M.J. Feehan (0-2 each); Brian Cahill (0-1).

Windgap: Niall Doran (0-6, two frees); Tommy Lonergan, Tommy Fleming (0-1 each); Cian Ryan (0-1, free).

Cloneen: Garry Delaney, Noel Roche, Patrick Brennan, Ger Campion, Philip Roche, Kevin Phillips, Paul Kelly, Brian Cahill, Dean Shortall, Kevin Delaney, Ronan Walsh, M.J. Feehan, Graham Lalor, Sean O’Neill, Padraig Delaney.

Sub (used): Martin Maguire

Windgap: Michael Power, Matt Enright, Noel Power, Vincent Long, Peter Landy, Conor Lonergan, Sean Foley, Cian Ryan, Tommy Fleming, Ger Purcell, Tommy Lonergan, Aidan Mackey, William Phelan, Niall Doran, James Murray.

Subs (used): Eamonn Hawe, Padraig Walsh.

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